Alpha Commons

Alpha Commons is a project-based learning community designed to empower creativity and nurture empathy in primary schoolchildren. Through the lens of social and environmental issues, the project engages students in authentic hands-on learning experiences to raise their awareness of the community and develop tangible solutions that address real-world challenges. By joining Alpha Commons, children are connected with social innovators in the city, giving them inspiration and encouragement to become active participants in social change. The programs cover diverse issues such as aging population, food wastage, energy poverty, and social inclusion.


Alpha Commons 是一個以專題項目為中心的學習共同體,目的是為培養小學生的同理心與創新能力。透過瞭解真實的社會及環境問題,學生們將會進行具體的學習活動,從而提升他們對社區的關愛,並讓他們研發實質的解決方案。學生們可以通過參與Alpha Commons接觸到不同的社會創新人事,啓發他們成為主動改變社會的小推動者。Alpha Commons的課程領域廣闊,關注的社會問題包括人口老化、食物浪費、能源不足及社會包容。