SHARE is a social enterprise which aims to establish urban rooftop(s) community of organic farming to let more people to experience organic farming. Underprivileged youths will be recruited and trained to operate the farm and that will bring positive impacts on them in terms of social skills, work experience and mental health. Our farm provides various sorts of soil, seeds, fertilizers and tools for participants. The project will organise different classes, workshops, and elderly’s activities, in view to promote healthy lifestyle and a harmonic society.

SHARE是一間開設於都市天台,以有機農莊為題的社會企業,期望給予大眾多接觸有機耕種的機會。除一般的營商模式外,重點是要培訓一班弱勢靑少年 (15-28歳) 營運農莊,讓他們於課餘或閒暇時能參與種植和打理工作,這不但多方面提升他們的知識技能,建立人際關係,汲取社會工作經驗,亦對身心帶來正面影響。場地預設多個附培養土的種植箱,並設各式種子、肥料和工具供參與者作有機耕種,當中更會舉辦不同種植課程、工作坊和長者共融活動,提倡有機健康生活,促進社會和諧。