Wheelman is a mobile application with barrier-free map for wheelchair users to better integrate into society and enhance their quality of life. The app is specially designed for wheelchair users and it aims to provide information about assessable facilities in shopping malls in Hong Kong on their mobile devices. The applicant will also collect data from wheel-chair users (i.e. locality information of barrier-free routes and facilities) to help building the knowledge base.

Wheelman 是一個無障礙地圖手機程式,幫助使用輪椅人士融入社區及提升生活質素。此程式專為使用輪椅人士提供無障礙資訊,包括商場內的無障礙設施及前往商場的無障礙路線。數據庫的資料將由使用輪椅人士及義工搜集。