Made in Sample

Made in Sample aims to provide training and job opportunities to the teenage mothers on sewing and patch works so that they can build new skills to utilize it in the society or starting their own business. At the end of the program, they are invited to our sewing team to help turn abandoned fabric samples in interior design industry into stylish, comfy and modern everyday goods. The goal of the program is to fulfil the needs of flexible working hours and mobility for the teenage mothers, so that they are not limited to their status quo.

Made in Sample為少女媽媽提供培訓和工作機會,在她們學懂縫紉和熟悉處理布料等工序後,將來在投入社會或創業都可獨當一面。經培訓後的縫紉團隊,會協助把一些在室內設計行業回收的下架布辦,轉化成型格、舒適和時尚的日常居家用品。藉着這次培訓計劃,Made in Sample的最終目標是希望在培訓上可迎合少女媽媽的工作需要,並且可以令她們在社會上能有更多的選擇。