Link the Unlink – Eco Design Project

Link the Unlink aims to offer job opportunities to the unemployed and underemployed people by equipping them with necessary craftsmanship skillset through training workshops to produce innovative eco-design collections, including tote bags and wooden cameras, for sale. The venture will partner with Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) to reach the unemployed and underemployed. Revenue will be generated by sale of the products through online and offline channels, such as website, retail stores and NGOs, etc.

本項目為失業和就業不足的人士提供工作機會,製作具創意和環保意念的作品出售,包括手挽袋和木製相機。他們會先透過參加工作坊,學習所需的工藝技巧。 本項目會夥拍非政府機構,以接觸失業和就業不足的人士。製成品將於不同的渠道發售,例如網頁、零售店和非政府機構等。