Mamosound aims to provide equal access to healthcare through the implementation of new cost-saving technologies. A portable medical device “Mamosound” leveraging ultrasound and Artificial Intelligence technology is designed to address the healthcare disparities associated with early breast cancer detection. Personalised health recommendation on whether the user should seek further advice from a doctor is provided. Mamosound will be sold to community centres and clinics to make the breast cancer screening feasible at a lower cost for the lower income women. Besides, Mamosound will be directly sold to the consumers via various channels so that they can perform self-examination conveniently and comfortably.

Mamosound利用新式而又低成本的科技,讓大眾能在平等的環境下享用醫療設備。Mamosound是一個手提檢查設備,運用超聲波和人工智能技術,以檢查是否有早期乳癌的跡象,並建議受檢測人士應否尋求醫生進一步的意見。 Mamosound會售予社區中心和診所,以期提供一個成本較低廉的乳癌篩查服務予低收入婦女。另外,Mamosound會透過不同渠道售賣予消費者,讓她們可以方便及舒適地進行自我檢查。