Mosi mosi – In:visible Wallet

Mosi Mosi team believes that persons with disabilities deserve a better living quality with human-centred and inclusive design. The venture aims to design and manufacture a wallet with banknote measuring function for visually impaired people or elderly with weaker visual ability to distinguish the value of banknotes. The first batch of the wallet prototypes were crowdfunded and distributed to visually impaired people for collecting feedback. The design will be improved in the funding period to better meet the need of visually impaired people, as well as appeal to the normal sighted ones.

無事無事團隊相信殘疾人士值得享有更好的生活質素,所以以人為本和共融的設計很重要。 本項目設計和生產附有量度紙幣功能的銀包,以助視障人士或視力較遜的長者分辨紙幣的價值。首批銀包初型透過眾籌集資製作,並派發予視障人士以收集他們對銀包的意見。在資助期間,銀包的設計會改良,更能切合視障人士的需要。團隊希望銀包不只惠及視障人士,亦希望其優質和美觀的設計能吸引健視人士使用。