Career to minority group including people with Special Education Needs and rehabilitation clients is not just a job, but a SELF IDENTITY. Through SENovate’s start-up programmes, the venture aims to empower participants to identify their strengths and potentials and create a new career path to become future entrepreneurs. Through participation in different tasks, participants will identify their weaknesses and strengths through self-reflection exercises. Based on their strengths, they will work with other members to solve a social problem. With advice from retired professionals, they will learn how to select members, create prototype and writing business plan. Throughout the program, instructors will empower and guide participants in building up their confidence and preparing for further pitching competitions.

一份工作對有特殊學習需要(SEN)及重新適應社會人士而言,不只是等同於一份薪金;更重要的是,代表他們在社會中的自我形象。創航計劃透過一系列的課程,鼓勵他們了解自己,並發掘自己的長處和潛能,開拓一條與別不同的創業之路。 通過參與不同的項目,學生能夠檢視自己,找出自己的不足和優勝之處。然後,他們將善用自己的長處,與組員通力合作完成產品原型、撰寫創業計劃書等項目,以解決社會問題。過程中,已退休的專業人士會向他們提供不同意見,以助他們學懂如何與其他人合作,並找出最合適的團隊完成計劃。透過計劃,導師亦會從旁指導,協助學生建立自信和準備提案比賽。