Easiread, a prototype typography system with preset functions addressing the problems of letter recognition, reading flow and visual stress, has been created. Users can test and use Easiread in Google Chrome to make customised adjustments to suit their needs for reading online texts. The adjusted texts can be output if they prefer a printed version. Subject to application of other technology, Easiread can be further developed to support more languages and to include features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for printed publications.

此項發現啟發了本項目團隊開發出智能字體及排版程式Easiread,讓使用者自訂以最適合自己閱讀的字體及排版方式瀏覽網頁。Easiread預置了三套字體及排版模式,分別針對辨字、閱讀流暢性和視覺壓力三類問題。用戶可以在Google Chrome測試使用 Easiread的擴充功能,根據自己的需要輕易調整字體及排版,以及列印已調整的文本。若配合其他技術,Easiread可望進一步開發,以支援多國語文,以至加入字符識別系統,讓讀者把印刷品的文字轉化成最適合自己閱讀需要的字體及排版。