The team is going to develop a series of origami workshops named HappiKami Workshop to facilitate inclusive education. Origami is known to improve one’s patience, multiple cognitive skills, sequential memory, concentration, ability to follow directions, etc. The team believes that students’ talent can be developed in an innovative and enjoyable way.

HappiKami Workshop will also help build cohesive bonding between SEN and regular students by organising campaigns through which the students will collaborate and co-create a spectacular origami work for display at schools.

摺紙藝術可訓練耐性,提升多感官認知、序列記憶、專注力、遵循指示的能力等 。「亂摺24」希望透過摺紙工作坊為學生提供一個靈活創新的學習平台,鼓勵SEN學生與其他學生互動並發揮天賦,讓融合教育產生作用。