Good Seed is a programme aiming to


Inspire you with knowledge and skills to generate creative solutions against poverty and promote social inclusion


Enable your social innovations through design and technology


Empower your social innovation projects with funding and multi-disciplinary resources and support

Target Beneficiaries

Good Seed aims to drive innovative solutions 
to tackle poverty issues and to promote social inclusion amongst the
following target sectors:
Low-Income Families
Elderly with limited means
People with Disabilities
Visual Impairment
Hearing Impairment
Mental Illness
Special Education Needs
People with diverse backgrounds

Interactive and action-oriented training
workshops will be offered to
participants with Design, Technology,
and Business as a focus to equip them
with necessary understanding and
skills in becoming a true social

Compete in an idea competition by
submitting your innovative ideas
developed during Stage 1 to compete
for funding support to jumpstart your

Winning teams will be offered HKD
$200,000 to implement their projects
through the SIE Fund.